BOB Jogging Stroller


I had two jogging strollers prior to my second-hand BOB and wish I had not wasted the money on the two that did not make it through my sons first two years. My 9-year-old, second-hand BOB SUV is still running strong today! What made it better for me in comparison to other less expensive jogging strollers was: easy fold, it fit into my sedan trunk without taking the wheels off, taking the wheels off was easy, a high handlebar that accommodated both me (5’7″) and my husband (6’7″) comfortably, great sunshade, a hand break and fixed wheel (so important for a serious runner)!

Here are some of the specs on the various model BOB jogging strollers.  The BOB Revolution is the best all-purpose stroller if you want a jogger and everyday stroller. The CE and SE models come in different tire sizes that help accommodate different lifestyle and terrain needs. The BOB SUV is the best fixed wheel jogger for a serious jogger who needs to go off train from time to time. The BOB Ironman (fixed wheel) is best for long distance runners who needs the lightest weight and road visible stroller that can handle a long run. With a BOB, you get what you pay for – a smooth ride for baby/toddler, easy fold and storage,  and major durability. This stroller is the BEST jogger you can buy!

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